Cub Scout Pack 584

Bothell, WA

Pack Camping

Camping together is what makes Scouting so much fun and sets us apart from other organizations. Pack 584 practices the Family Camping Method, which means that the Cub Scout must be accompanied by a parent or authorized partner/guardian. Siblings are also invited, but not required to attend. Our Cubmaster is a big advocate of camping. We attempt to camp as a Pack twice a year (Fall and Spring) while we encourage our Webelos dens to camp as a den as often as possible with at least one camp out with a Troop in the fall. These are fun camping trips and should be put on your family calendar to attend. Please check the Pack 584 Calendar page for these camping dates.

Additional camping trips are an expected part of the Webelos program (4th & 5th grade). Pack 584 has a close relationship with local Boy Scout Troops (boys ages 11-17) and often the Pack’s Webelos Dens are invited to go with the Troop on certain outings. This close and unique relationship with Troops brings a wealth of experience and supervision for camping, as well as opportunities not often available to Cub Scouts.

Pack 584 Family Campout Guide (what to expect)

For weekend camping, plan to leave on Friday evening after work and set up your tent(s) at our destination. It is generally expected that children will sleep in the tent with their parents and BSA rules state that children cannot sleep in a tent with unrelated adults. In this case, a separate tent for the scouts will be needed (and we can help). Often you will have the option of arriving on Saturday morning and either spending the night camping or “day tripping” without camping. We usually try to get up early Sunday morning, pack and leave soon after a light breakfast so that families can attend Sunday services at home and have time to recharge for the coming week.

Unless otherwise noted, food and utensils/cups will be purchased by the Pack as part of the costs for the weekend. The costs of pack campouts are not included in annual pack dues, but are charged on a “pay-as-needed” basis depending on Pack finances. If the Pack needs to recuperate this cost, it will be the sum of any fees which may be charged by the campsite plus the cost of the food and supplies, divided among all the participants. We usually set up a centralized kitchen in the campsite where we prepare our food. Many of us have experience in camp cooking and it is usually a sight to behold as we prepare fun and nutritious meals for the whole family. We guarantee you will not go hungry when camping with Pack 584!

We call our style of camping “fuzzy camping”. You will usually be able to drive close to the campsite to unload and load your gear. We try to choose camping facilities that have bathrooms and hot showers readily available, though sometimes this is not possible and a jump in a lake might be the best way to get clean!

Donations in form of funds or camping equipment and cooking equipment are greatly appreciated to facilitate our camping program. We will try to build and maintain a stock of extra tents, sleeping bags and camp chairs for new families who have not yet acquired equipment.

Camping Supply Checklist

  1. Tent with stakes, rain fly and ground cloth/tarp
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Pillow
  4. Soft ground pad or thick blanket (especially for adults!)
  5. Dedicated sleeping clothes (sock hat for head in cold weather)
  6. 2 changes of clothes
  7. Rain coat or rain suit/poncho
  8. Flashlight with spare batteries
  9. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  10. Personal toiletries including soap, shampoo and comb/brush
  11. Band-Aids
  12. Bug spray/wipes and sunscreen
  13. Towel and washcloth
  14. Folding chair (optional)
  15. Water bottle
  16. Electric Lamp for the tent (optional) – no flames in or around tents!