Cub Scout Pack 584

Bothell, WA

Welcome to Cub Pack 584

Cub Scouting is for boys and girls in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Families interested in Cub Scouting should visit the About Pack 584 page for detailed information. Boys and girls do not have to go to any particular school or live in any particular area to join Cub Scouts with Pack 584. The choice of a Cub Scout Pack is usually a matter of where friends are joining and/or the convenience of the meeting location. If the location of Pack 584 is not convenient for you, check out other Cub Scout packs in Bothell (see below).

Pack 584 hosts formal Join Cub Scouting Information Nights twice a year, one night in the Spring before the end of the school year, and again in September. However, even though we have these scheduled Join Scouting Information Nights, a boy who is in kindergarten through fifth grade can join Cub Scouting with Cub Scout Pack 584 anytime. Pack 584 presently has about 60 boys and girls officially registered in grades K through five.

A den is a group of children in a particular grade, led by one or more adult den leader volunteers. The leaders and parents of the den decide when and where the den meets. If there is space in a den, or if a new den forms with a den leader, then Pack 584 will accept any eligible boy for membership. Lion Cubs are the beginning level of Cub Scouting, which means that they have to be formed brand new either at the end of the pre-K school year or at the beginning of the kindergarten school year.

Joining Cub Scouts

Please refer to the details here to join Pack 584.

Our Location and Contact Information

Cub Scout Pack 584 of Bothell, Washington is chartered by the First Lutheran Church of Bothell as part of its scouting outreach program.

Directions to First Lutheran Church of Bothell

Contact information, for pack and den leaders, appears on the Pack 584 Contact Page.

Joining Boy Scouts

Boy Scouting (as opposed to Cub Scouting) is for older boys and girls, those who are at least 11 years old, or who have completed the 5th grade, or who have earned the Arrow of Light in Cub Scouting and are at least 10 years old. For more information on Boy Scouting, visit the North Lakes District Website.

Finding a Different Cub Scout Pack: If Cub Scouting sounds great, but the location of Pack 584 is not convenient for you, consider finding another Cub Scout pack in Bothell. You can find other Bothell area Cub Scout packs by visiting the Be a Scout Website. There you can find a Cub Scout pack by entering your address and a map comes up with packs that are near the address.

MEETING TIMES: Cub Scout Pack 584 is led by our Cubmaster (leadership details at the leadership page). Pack 584 has a pack meeting of all of its dens and their families once a month, usually on the third Thursday of each month. Check out the Pack 584 Calendar page for information on upcoming pack meetings and pack events.